Some Crazy Facts That You Did Not Know About Casinos And Gambling


Singapore live casino have actually been known to be a great source of some very interesting myths and legends as well. There are also so many stories that almost seem too good to be true, and there are also many other stories that seem a little unrealistic as well, but keep in mind that whatever I have included in this list is definitely confirmed to be true.

Some of the interesting facts about casinos actually come from societies where it is actually considered to be illegal, and it is indeed hard to keep it all under wraps. Gamblers in Japan are indeed forced to exploit a very huge loophole which is in the laws to get their fix. One of the world’s most famous casinos has been known to forbid the locals from playing, and this is in Monaco. In the United States Of America, Las Vegas has been known to be the casino and gambling for quite some time indeed. As promised, here are some interesting casino facts that will surprise you indeed.

  • The person who founded FedEx actually ended up saving the company by gambling in Las Vegas. He gambled and made $27,000 in blackjack and invested it into the company.
  • Did you know that you can voluntarily ban yourself from mmc 996 casino? If your addiction is getting the best of you, you can go to the casino and instruct them to ban you from there. This would definitely help you kick the gambling addiction. You can even choose how long you would want to ban yourself.

Casino Facts

  • The state prison in Nevada actually used to have a casino for inmates. Gambling is so huge in that state. It had a casino in there for 35 years. They could play all kinds of games like blackjack, poker, craps and more.
  • If you are a citizen of Monaco, you are not allowed to gamble at the Monte Carlo casino. This casino has actually been known to be a gambler’s paradise, and you can go there, but you are not allowed to gamble if you have a Monaco citizenship. There is some good news though; citizens do not have to pay income taxes because Monaco uses the revenue from casinos instead.
  • Some addicts have been known to pee all over the casino floor. These people take it too far, and this happens because of the excitement and also the nervousness.
  • Someone invented the sandwich in a casino.
  • Penny slot machines have actually been known to make more money than any other game in a casino. This is surprising, indeed.
  • The smallest casino ever is actually in the back of a can in London.

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